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Central Park

Performances for public spaces

Duration : 30 min.

Conception, choreography, performance Julie Nioche
Conception, composition, musical performance Alexandre Meyer 
Lighting conception in Versailles Gilles Gentner

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Designed for urban public spaces, public parks 



Wearing red in a park, a focal point which marks the beginning of the occupation of the space, in symbiosis with the enormous scale of the trees, the omnipresence of green; existing with and in spite of the garden, its nature and its perspective.


A compendium of simple movements known to everyone, the glories of the rock scene, the basis for a back-and-forth journey; arrival and departure stylized and precise, a moment slowed down by contact with the audience, with time to manipulate a few sounds, to follow them: there is a short exposition, a concert begun by brushing against a few electrical machines.

Sounds and characters

Upstage rendered uniform, colors, memories, sounds. From an acoustic continuum, rumors quieted, bringing forgotten characters back to life with tiny strokes on an amplified guitar neck; animating them with movements, ressuscitated by a dance which creates its own acoustic universe.


Memories blend together, transforming themselves into a sweet, unequivocal presence. The simple sound of the accompanying guitar becomes the high point of the performance, its melody.

Inherence of a place 

The space revealed in Central Park is that which is generated from the paradoxes of its eponymous origin, vast and secretive, urban and wild, with far-reaching perspectives and intimate spaces, filled with rocks and leaves. It is where we go back to all the acoustic nostalgia, the smells of those endless summer concerts.



Production A.I.M.E. - Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés
With the support of Festival « Entre cours et jardins » - Dijon, 
With the collaboration of Le centre d’art le Consortium


Premiered in the Festival Entre cours et jardins 2010, Dijon 
Festival Plastique Danse Flore 2010, Versailles
Exposition Excentrique(s) de Daniel Buren – Monumenta 2012 – Grand Palais, Paris 
Centre culturel Gabriela Mistral, Santiago de Chili (Chili) 
Théâtre Municipal de Lima (Pérou) 
Biennale de danse du Céara 2012, Fortaleza (Brésil) 
Château de Blandy-les-Tours
Dancing across boarders 2013
Hopa (Turquie) et Batumi (Georgie)

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