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ENTRETIEN de J. Nioche par Marie Pons - DOERS

With Doers, choreographer Julie Nioche follows the path of Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton, in a danced dialogue with their improvised piece PA RT created in 1978. Between observation, fiction, imagination and ghostly gestures, this new research is an opportunity to return to questions that are at the heart of her work, to see how they move and are nourished by a changing social and political context. A strong desire to infiltrate dance in the city, by rethinking the form of production and sharing of projects, creates a bridge with the entire approach of those choreographers active since the 1970s to think of the dancer as a citizen invested in the world and the time in which he lives.

 "(...) As dancers, we constantly use the practices and tools forged by these two American choreographers, without always identifying that these are their proposals. The ways in which these gestures circulate in our bodies as performers interest me. I have also always heard about their lives in the country, rooted in a context where dance gestures and agricultural gestures necessary for daily life, such as cutting wood for heat or cultivating the land, are connected. I have a keen interest in the radical choices that both have made as artists and as humans, in touch with the times in which they live (...)

(...) Several things intrigued me about PA RT: the dynamic that exists between Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson, who alternate solos and duets in the structure of this piece and follow a score of instructions that no one but themselves knows. In other words, I am drawn to the risk-taking and vulnerability they propose to share: their relationship to improvisation and instant composition.
What is it like to really improvise in life, when you have the opportunity? I have the feeling that in this period where we have a lot of things to invent, to imagine in order to create desirable futures, improvisation offers us something (...)

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La Terrasse - 20 janvier 2022 - N. Yokel

Doers, la nouvelle création de Julie Nioche (entretien)

Pour cette création, Julie Nioche s’empare de PA RT, pièce créée en 1978 par Lisa Nelson avec Steve Paxton. Un travail de mémoire et de fiction qui change notre rapport à l’improvisation.

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