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Installation X

conception Julie Nioche

This installation "X" is built as a listening space of words heared between 2000 and 2001 from persons which have been asked about their corporal image.

The first meeting is with six persons of the audience of a theater in France. Then I questioned six dancers of the Junior ballet of the national conservatory because their body is their principal instrument of investigation and communication.
After these meeting, I was curious to approach others visions of body, visions changed because of illness. I turned myself towards anorexia, often present in my way of dancer.

In a workshop with the CHU of Dijon with young women anorexic, I use dance and photography in order to approach the question of the image of the body.

Then I propose dancer’s words which will be confronted with the audience’s words.

"X" is a visual and sound installation which propose a good place for body listening of these words.

Julie Nioche


Conception Julie Nioche
Sound design Fredéric Nogray et Julie Nioche
Video Rachid Ouramdane
Construction Sylvain Giraudeau

Production association Fin novembre
Coproduction CCN de Montpellier (programme ReRc) and Manège de Reims-Scène nationale
Duration : 20’ repeated


Association fin novembre

CCN de Montpellier (programme ReRc)
Le Manège, Scène nationale de Reims