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Sharing the knowledges in social and medical support

By offering “spaces for the protection of sensitivity,” which help those using them maintain their attention to their bodies, their imaginations, and their relationships to others, A.I.M.E. tries to incorporate certain physical skills and knowledge into everyday life, transforming the image of the body in society.

A.I.M.E. proposes the integration of non-therapeutic techniques into the healthcare profession, a medical and social accompaniment for patients, users and professionals creating a better quality of life as well as a standard of care.

Workshops in somatic practices, massage, work based on the idea of touch, of danced improv ... these different approaches combine physical sensation with rediscovered, pleasant movement. The imagination of movement becomes the driving force for the its direction and the development of autonomous action by the individual.

In both individual and collective sessions, these projects targeting the health care profession may be offered to associations and their members, team leaders, volunteers, patients and residents.

Introducing somatic practices

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Danse & Somatics in Dessine-moi un mouton 2012-2014

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Formation "Temps calmes"

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Imagination of the movement Jean-Jaurès Hospital 2011-2014

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