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Nino Chubinishvili


Nino Cubinishvili aka Chubika graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Georgia while the Soviet Union was still existent; She specialized in stage and costume design. Growing in and surrounded by the artistic family and acquaintances Nino gained a very broad knowledge and understanding of arts through listening, hearing, feeling and learning, moving and floating from one group of artists to another. This became her lifestyle… constant studying by observation. Then was the first show in 1994 “Avant Guarde”, the 1st prize followed by: 1998 fashion show “Airlines”; 2000 Fashion Show “Lines” in the Russian Silhouette: grand prix; Kenzo internship; and 2005 IFM institute post graduate programme diploma. Fashion , Sculptural installations, Stage Design, Exhibitions…. “

My designs are where fashion crosses art. It’s more than fashion and not total art. I believe in the idea of expression, the expression of divinity in different forms, languages and creations. Just like, Notre Damme de Paris is the Christian symbol - expression of divine through architecture, a beautiful wooden wardrobe, or bracelet, dress, even a clutch is the translation of the same force into a different language by its creator. This collection is about protection, protection of divine with monsters or goddesses. I want to help people to feel more secure from violence….”